Shipping Transport

Shipping Transportation

Italy is not just a great shipping nation it also has some of the biggest shipyards and shipbuilding companies. The largest ship building company is the Fincantieri group. Their eight massive shipyards handle nearly 80% of all shipbuilding in Italy. They are also responsible for nearly 56% of all cruise ship production in the world alongside their key suppliers.

The Italian shipping industry is estimated to produce about €32.6 billion which is 2% of the GDP. It also employs about 356, 000 workers employed either directly or indirectly in the shipping and maritime industry. That is about 3% of the total active Italian labour force. Of the over 350, 000people, 200, 000 are directly employed in the shipping industry. About 100, 000 are in the higher paying shipping jobs while 85, 000 are in the lower paying shipping jobs.

Firms in the Industry                                                                                                  Recreational boating is the most lucrative of the shipping sector. It has about 100, 000 employees and makes up about 50% of the industry employment hiring.  The shipping sector employs 1 in every 5 people while the seaport takes about 1 in every 7 maritime employees. The total port GCT is in the upwards of 1 million.

80% of the shipyard production is usually for export. There are about 100 qualified shipyard suppliers. Most of them fall into 9 main categories. Iron and steel have 6 companies, Mechanical; equipment has 10 companies, Shipboard systems have 13 companies. Electrical and automation systems are about 17 companies, Paints and insulation are 16 companies. Ships furniture is manufactured by about 27 companies while navigation equipment comes from 4 companies. Only one provide general shipping services.

There are 26 non-commercial public entities that serve as port authorities in Italy. More than 150 million people visit Italy each year with about 50 million of those coming in through the ports.

Port of Genoa.                                                                                                                        The largest shipping port in Italy is the Port of Genoa. It has about 700 hectares of land, 500 hectares of sea. It is also 22 kilometres long and has about 47 waterways and 30 kilometres of operative quay.

It has 4 main inlets, the eastern inlet, the Corigliano inlet, the multedo entrance and the pra’ entrance. This massive port also has 5 berths for cruise vessels and 13 others for all kinds of ferries. It has a capacity for 4 million ferry passengers, 1.5 million cars and 250, 000 trucks.

To keep it functioning it has two lighthouses, the Lanternna and the Punta vagno. It is also equipped with 6 marinas ranging from 280 berths of up to 60 metres to 1000 berths.